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Friday, July 16, 2010


Professional Face:

Most entertainers have professional face.  That's the smiling, relaxed face we force on the front of our skulls no matter what is happening.  Normally, that face is genuine and so the expression shines from our eyes. 

But sometimes we have to think or deal with a situation while performing (the Show Must Go On) and so we lock the professional face in place.  I've used professional face when dealing with intoxicated clients, fending off gropers (more on that later) and most importantly when in pain (glass in foot, big splinter jammed under toenail, fractured thumb, etc.)

The most fierce professional face I have worn to date was during a stage performance. A few minutes into a routine, a sudden bolt of nauseating pain shot through my right shoulder and continued to stab and worsen. I couldn't move my right shoulder at all, but I could bend the elbow and wrist and grip slightly with my hand.  In dizzying pain, I kept going.  With a smile.  And pupils so wide and black I looked like an opium addict.
It was a cane routine. I kept my right hand on the cane and let my left hand do all the moving and lifting.  I changed the choreography on the fly to accommodate my new limits.

This is a photo from that performance.  It was the toughest smile I ever stapled onto my face.

I realize I'm probably using PF at the gym.  I hope they know I am taking the work seriously.  Maybe my smiles and efforts not to show stress is why they think I drink Crystal Light? 

So I cut my finger nails short, scraped my hair into a pony tail and put on t-shirts (no pink.)

And I bought clear electrolyte tablets (just in case.)

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